LightHole® shapes light and create lamps that furnish

The Led technology, beyond allowing high energy savings, has given us the opportunity to leave behind the usual lamps and chandeliers shapes, to take new paths to creative products with more original and modern designs. Led technology gives the designer maximum freedom in using innovative materials and developing futuristic design. The LightHole® patent is an exclusive system, is the meeting point between technology and design that allows good light diffusion without dazzling and without losing lighting efficiency.

The biggest defect of Led lighting is the sense of blindness caused by the high brightness concentrated in a single point. The glare makes it impossible to look directly at the light source, compelling the designers and manufacturers to create lighting fixtures screens that allow softer light diffusion at the cost of a reduction in light efficiency. Instead, with theLightHole® patent we create high-efficiency lamps and chandeliers keeping the beauty of our exclusive design.

Why choose LightHole®

We are a young company, we are always looking for new stimulus. We wish to create a diffused and comfortable light, in particular we want to transform the Leds lighting into diffused Leds light. We are always looking for new wireless systems  to connect our LED lamps. Currently our LED lamps you can connect directly to mobile phones, we use a new Bluetooth technology that allows you to adjust the light intensity at you will. The Bluetooth connection is an option that you can order with the lamp. If you already have a home automation system or smart home you do not worry, you can have our LED lamp with DALI or DMX interface. For use smart home DALI or DMX system, you have to configure an suitably electrical system.

New design with new invention patent

The LightHole® led lamps have totally new, original and innovative shapes and designs thanks to the exclusive proprietary patent. Thanks to the patent we can produce LED lamps of the most varied shapes and different from the usual canons without losing any light efficiency. We create unique LED lamps and chandeliers, with a new and exclusive design.


This is the LightHole® world: lose yourself in our vision of light