Custom led lamps and led chandeliers

Are you a company or a designer and do you want to create custom led lamps with a Light Hole® patent?

Write to the design office of Light Hole® in order to have a led lamp or led chandelier modern and design tailor made by submitting a simple request via email to

Each request will be examined to assess the feasibility, execution time and costs. Then you will be contacted to start the project of your led lamp or led chandelier that will be sent to you for a preliminary approval that we will allow us to create the prototype and the first verify and functional test. If the tests will be positive, the required production will proceed.

Steps of realization of the custom product:

  • Contact mail / telephone with our offices
  • prior written agreement;
  • preliminary study of the new lamp;
  • approval of the preliminary study;
  • contract signature with time and costs of construction and shipment;
  • construction of the prototype and shipment for approval;
  • once approved, the requested quantities will be put into production and after it will sent.

Every model customized and created with Light Hole® technology and brand can be reproduced or made exclusively by Light Hole® brand. The technology used for the lamps is protected by an invention patent.

It is possible to agree on the exclusivity of the custom led lamps, but the design and the copyright remains inside the Light Hole® company. The deposit of the design patent, if necessary, will be presented by the Light Hole® liable.

At the customer’s request all the elements can be implemented with remote controls, mobile APP (BT remote control), DALI and DMX smart home controls for switching on, switching off and adjusting the light intensity.