a new way
to look at light

Lighting with designer style and high-tech performance

A perfect balance of technology, innovation and creativity, this is what you will find in LightHole®’s works: lamps and chandeliers that bring the brightness of LED lighting without, any of the typical glare.


The technology invented and used by LightHole® combines the powerful, energy-saving brightness of LED lights with the style of stainless steel and methacrylate sheets to create lights with a pared back but at the same time, refined, elegant feel that sits well in any room.


The holes in the methacrylate let the LED light out to light up surroundings evenly and effectively, creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Smart home

The brightness of LightHole® lamps can be controlled by smartphone, using an app, or configured by your own smart home system.


In 2016, following years of research and development, architect Claudio Gioserio obtained the invention patent for LightHole® technology.

Invention patent

Gioserio’s innovation consists of setting out the LEDs along the perimeter of the methacrylate, inside a part in stainless steel. In this way, the metal protects the LEDs and dissipates the heat, while the methacrylate diffuses the light from the LEDs. The LEDs lose none of their actual efficient brightness, but the annoying glare our eyes usually suffer from a LED bulb - known to be concentrated and spotted - is eliminated. The solution often used is to make the light more opaque through a series of diffusor shields, although this leads to a loss in light efficiency.

This patent solves the problems of using LED lights:
- The concentrated light has greater diffusion
- Excellent lighting efficiency
- Diffused lighting with no annoying glare


LightHole®’s mission has always been to give a shape to energy-saving designs with a lower impact on the environment, but also able to bring out the full style of any surroundings without taking over.

LightHole: a new way to look at light
Claudio Gioserio
Architect and CEO of LightHole®

Award-winning LightHole®

On 22 October 2019, LightHole® had the pleasure and honour of receiving first prize at the regional “Aspettando Maker Faire” awards, with the Onda, table lamp, already a first-prize-winner in the provincial competition.

The features that won over the jury, which awarded first place on the podium to Onda, were its original design and in particular, the innovation used in the design project as a whole: an energy saving LED lamp able to provide powerful lighting intensity.

Natura collection

The light sculptures that bring back Nature in all its enchanting brightness.

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Customised products

If you have one or more designs for lamps, chandeliers or other lighting solutions you would like to see created using LightHole® technology, please get in touch: together we can look at feasibility, create prototypes to check the results and then finally, you can give a shape to your ideas.

What they say about LIGHTHOLE®

  • Giovanni
    Excellent products! In all my career as a decorator, I have never found such innovative lamps and at the same time, they are so practical. My clients are happy, and I am one of LightHole’s biggest fans. Highly recommended!
  • Roberta
    Definitely approved! Low-energy lamps that offer excellent lighting, creating the perfect welcoming home atmosphere. When my customers ask me to add warmth to a room, my first thought is LightHole.
  • Filippo
    Incredible tech! Smart homes are bigger than ever and adding LightHole lamps means happy clients and at the same time, bringing to life projects on the cutting edge when it comes to technology and the environment. I’m super satisfied!
  • Stefania
    I got in touch with the team at LightHole when a pair of clients asked me for some innovative low-energy lamps with a minimalist, elegant design. Their products met with all three requirements, without forgetting all the technology behind each single creation. Congratulations on your revolutionary project design.

LIGHTHOLE® is partner of Italian Design Farm

LightHole® is an expression of Made in Italy in every one of its forms: a combination of technology, innovation and design to create something that never existed previously. Passion and curiosity are what drive LightHole®’s architect and founder, Claudio Gioserio, and they are what decided us when it came to working with and making the most of the different aspects of this ambitious project. Today, more than ever, we feel that supporting a brand that looks to the future, designing low-consumption creations that are able to help the environment is the right path to take, not just on a business level, but also on a human one.

Emanuele Anselmi
CEO Italian Design Farm

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