Light Hole® Mission

To diffuse the LED light. How to make the LED a diffused light, soft, pleasant and with great energy savings


Citing Robert Frost: “Two roads diverged in a wood and I, I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” however making a small integration, we ask apologize to Frost: “I chose the road less traveled it was not because the road was less traveled but because it was my way”

If you are looking for lamps or modern chandeliers that cast much light with a refined design you're in the right place: Light Hole® produces "energy efficient" led lamps, casting extremely bright light, 100% made in Italy.

All of our lamps and chandeliers reach such a high brightness difficult to catch with a regular camera lens.

It has been a real challenge to make pictures that would transmit  the actual brightness of light, without altering the colors of the surrounding environment.

Those who looks at our creations are struck by the shape as much as the design that make these lamps unique but can't seem to understand where the light source or the power cables are located.

Some have come to the conclusion that the light source is placed outside the lamp and despite the explanations supplied they still have difficulty to believe it to be true.

Our aim is to create lamps with a modern shape,  that are beautiful interior design objects, able to cast much light respecting the environment and proudly Made in Italy