Nature Collection

The “Nature” of Light

Artificial light is finally given a more natural context thanks to our energy saving and highly efficient lamps. Harmless to eyes, their light, with only one click, enhances ambiences with a warm, comforting and well diffused glow, just like a beautiful sunlit landscape.


Polline (Pollen)

Pollen creates life in the same way our Pollen Lamp generates a new form of light, shaped by the unique and beautifying Light Hole Technology that furnishes your ambience.


Spring is the ultimate symbol of rebirth. It is that time of the year when the fields are brushed with the lively colors of the continuous cycle of nature. Our Camilla lamp evokes this renewal with its freshly luminous shine.


Goccia (Drop)

A whole new light takes shape in Light Hole “Drop”. A unique design to enhance your everyday life.   After all, never underestimate the power of a drop of water.

Prato (Field)

The beautiful image of a child joyfully playing in a field of summer flowers. All he needs is sheer imagination. Field Lamp will make you discover the world through its inventively new light.


Pioggia (Rain)

Rain nurtures and purifies the earth giving life to new shapes, just like this lamp will brighten your favorite ambiences with style and a renewed energy.

Onda (Wave)

Onda bears within itself both the strength and the lightness of the sea. A firm, solid base supports a high-transparency polymethyl-methacrylate perforated plate, whose shapes are inspired by the movements of the sea waves.