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A whole new light takes shape in LightHole® “Drop”. A unique design to enhance your everyday life.   After all, never underestimate the power of a drop of water

Goccia (Drop) is a led lamp suitable for all environments and is proposed in two versions: Goccia IN, Goccia OUT. 

All Goccia models are a suspension led lamp (chandeliers) has to be installed on the ceiling and use high-brightness led technology. The lamp is composed of two different sizes plate of high transparency methacrylate: the lower plane plate is square with a edge of 30 cm, the upper plate has the dimension of 60 cm. The cuts in the plastic material are made with laser machine, while the metal parts are made in stainless steel.

To make the lamp much as simple as possible the power wire is not visible, the 24V electric current go through the same suspension cables in total safety.

Our Led lamps make the concentrated light Led in diffused and comfortable light. The LightHole® lamps solve the problem of excessive punctiform brightness of the Leds. The life of the LightHole® Led lamps is more than 50,000 h.

Data sheet

LED included      

Power from 31W to 47W

Lumen LED from 2.090 to 3.230 lm

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