Light Hole® Patent & Technology

Brevetto Esclusivo Light Hole®

Light Hole® lamps is composed of three main elements: led, transparent methacrylate sheets, and stainless steel.

The leds are put on the outside or inside edge of the transparent methacrylate sheets, inserted inside in a stainless steel metal. Every Light Hole® product use high brightness leds.


The stainless steel is used to protect the leds and at the same time to dissipate the heat.

The methacrylate drilled with laser technology makes the led bright spot invisible and produces a soft and diffused light. The holes design and shape bring to lose the perception of the source of light and create the Light Hole® lamps typical atmosphere. This is the reason why we call them light sculptures.

After years of research and development it has been found the technology that solves the problem of leds glare. The architect Gioserio has thus got the invention patent  n. 1426276 on December 7th 2016.


All the artificial light created by the lamps has a photobiological risk, the blue component present in the frequency spectrum of lighting causes this risk. The Light Hole® lamps are all produced with warm light leds. The choice to use only warm light leds gives us the assurance that with a color temperature of about 3,000 ° K, every photobiological risk is avoided. The Light Hole® led technology does not fall into the categories RG3, RG2, RG1, but   the light sources is classified RG0 which is considered "absolutely not dangerous in ordinary use" (Assil monograph - National Association of Lighting Manufacturers Technical Statement n ° 12/201506).


This patent solves the problems of using LED lights:

- The concentrated light has greater diffusion

- Excellent lighting efficiency

- Diffused lighting with no annoying glare