Delivery and shipping times

For all products in stock the delivery times are approximately 7 working days.

The products ordered not present in our warehouse the delivery times are approximately 30 working days.

Delivery to Basilicata, Campania, Calabria, Puglia and the islands: delivery may take an additional day.

The delivery time is from 8:00 to 18:00.

Operation of withdraw and deliver.

For withdrawals shall mean deliveries of goods are taken to the ground floor, the street number of the customer (accessible to normal means of transport). Deliveries in other points than the previous paragraph are considered services at the increased cost of transportation and consequently payed in according to the fees to be assessed depending on the amount of the service, as well as the loading of goods that require specific porterage activities. These fees are charged to the recipient of the delivery, unless otherwise agreed in writing. The company may use electronic devices to obtain proof of delivery and the sender agrees.


For goods that can not be returned to the recipient for any reason not attributable to the Company and awaiting instructions from the sender, custody will be provided for a maximum period of 6 months for a fee of € 2.15 / day indivisible. The instructions will be validly given only in writing. The liability of the carrier, in case of loss and / or damage of the goods during the storage period, is regulated by the contract between sender and forwarder).

Return to sender and / or recipient.

The eventual deliveries of the stored goods will be burdened with all the relative costs (carriages and / or reshipments).

Delayed delivery of the goods.

No deadline for delivery is binding on the sender, with the consequence that the latter will in no case be liable for any damage caused to the recipient by delay in delivery.

Receive damaged goods.

If, upon receipt, the addressee intends to formulate reservations, the carrier will not provide for delivery. The goods will be stored and considered pending instructions. The failure of the goods must be challenged in writing by mail, which must be sent to the sender upon penalty of forfeiture of the right to compensation for damages, no later than eight days from receipt of the goods and / or from discovery in accordance the law. In this case, the goods must be kept available to the carrier and / or his insurance company for the verification of the case.

Delivery costs are:

Italia (non included Calabria Sicilia Sardegna and island) €15,00 €20,00
Calabria Sicilia Sardegna and island €17,00 €25,00
ESTONIA €36,00 €43,00
LETTONIA €36,00 €43,00
LITUANIA €36,00 €43,00
POLONIA €33,00 €40,00
REP. CECA €30,00 €37,00
SLOVACCHIA €29,00 €36,00
UNGHERIA €31,00 €38,00
SLOVENIA €31,00 €38,00
ROMANIA €30,00 €37,00
BULGARIA €34,00 €41,00
CROAZIA €34,00 €41,00
AUSTRIA €22,00 €29,00
GERMANIA €24,00 €31,00
GRECIA €43,00 €50,00
BELGIO/LUSSEMB – €32,00 €39,00
FRANCIA €26,00 €33,00
FRANCIA – CORSICA €60,00 €67,00
OLANDA €32,00 €39,00
SPAGNA €28,00 €35,00
SPAGNA – BALEARI €28,00 €35,00
PORTOGALLO €40,00 €47,00
INGHILTERRA €32,00 €39,00
EIRE €38,00 €45,00
DANIMARCA €30,00 €37,00
FINLANDIA €40,00 €47,00
SVEZIA €33,00 €40,00