Smart home and
remote control

Light intensity regulation

LightHole lamps can be implemented with light intensity regulation systems (dimmer), Amazon Alexa, and Philips HUE. The lamps light can be set independently whether a smart home system has been installed inside the home or not.

Smart home

"DALI" or "DMX512-RDM" bus protocol

If you just have a smart home system with a "DALI" or "DMX512-RDM" bus protocol, on request we can supply the lamps with an already installed interface that allows you to adjust the luminous intensity of our lamps and to control them. If you do not have the DALI bus protocol (for example BTicino) or DMX512-RDM, you can dim the lamps using a normally open pushbutton. For the installation and configuration of your smart home wiring it is necessary to scrupulously follow the manual.

Interface products for light intensity control: pushbutton, Bluetooth, Dali, Dmx are not produced by Lighthole but are supplied by an external partner. Lighthole on request will provide the lamps with the support already installed, the installer will only have to connect the wires to the terminals supplied inside the lamps.

Amazon Alexa and Philips HUE 

Zigbee wireless protocol

The Zigbee wireless protocol is compatible with Philips and Amazon Alexa Echo Plus HUE and Zigbee Hub.

Bluetooth and mobile phone control

Bluedimmer APP for Apple and Android

On request the lamps can be implemented with a dimmer mobile phone interface control on Bluetooth connection, independent from the smart home system. The Bluetooth system in our lamps can be set in 2 ways, the first with a control pushbutton (normally open - not supplied), the second with APP Bluetooth installed on the mobile phone (the APP is distributed by one of our suppliers).

Available to download on:

Smart home and remote control
Smart home and remote control

Touch functionality

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